Equine bones, arteries, veins and nerves

Mole coming out of the burrow

My new character design is ready for exercise

Scientific illustration of plants and animals

Microvilli 3d medical animation

Astronidium Ponapense, botanical illustration

Vivre avec les aléas, my last published illustrations

DNA 3d illustration

Extensors and tendons of the hand medical illustration

Virus replication illustration

Microvilli 3d Illustration

Blood vessel 3D illustration

Stem Cell

Appendix. Medical illustration

Two little mice illustration

Mangroves are important

Enhalus acoroides scientific illustration

Artrocentesis and synovial fluid, medical illustration

Nano-Trans. The principal of transformative Nano-Manofacturing

Black rat illustration

Medical dental illustration

Slin Tones

The Surinam cockroach or greenhouse cockroach scientific illustration

Exploration of the locomotor system

Proper Sitting Posture at a Computer

Ion channer. Microbiology illustration

Earliest terrestrial ecosystem

Tube anemone larva (Cerianthidae ceriantharia)

Kidney human anatomy

Albacore (Thunnus alalunga) scientific illustration

Lab devices 3d illustration

Scientific illustration

Happy Halidays

Identifying Types of Cockroaches, new scientific illustrations

Orthognathic surgery medical illustration

Mangrove ecosystem

Lizard, naturalistic drawing

Flower pattern

Gardenia jasminoides ellis


Oak leaves pattern

Illustration of medical instruments